Dog Boarding

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Small Breeds

Price is per day,

One Dog : £22

Two dogs : £36

Medium Breeds

Price is per day

One Dog: £23. 50

Two Dogs : £40

Large Breeds 

Price is per day

One Dog:  £25

Two Dogs:  £46

XL Breeds 

Price is per day

One Dog:  £27

Two Dogs: £50

Terms of overnight Dog boarding

My overnight charges are charged at a flat rate seen above, These costs include a free collection and return of your pet so you do not have to worry about the journey to and from my home, If your dog stays past 12pm on the day they are due to return home there is a day rate applied to your booking which can be found on my Daycare page. I offer a further discount for long stays and i try to accommodate all dogs i can where possible at my best price possible. All dogs in my care have access to my fully fenced garden which backs onto beautiful off road walks straight onto plenty of woodland and fields for miles , each dog in my care is treated as near to how you would treat them in the home as possible and i try to keep where they sleep , play and rest as near as i can to their home life. Your dog will be walked minimum twice a day , this comprises of long off road walks out of rush hours to minimise traffic, I will walk your dog exactly how you ask, i will let a dog off the lead if you are happy for me to do so , equally if you or i am unsure i will use a long line as safety is paramount. I ask that you provide food and any beds you may wish for them to sleep on during there stay  as this minimises stress which means you have a happier dog when returned!