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Train the human as well as the dog !

I am offering one to one dog training in the comfort of your own home or at a place of your choice ( or mine if preferred.)

I have been working and studying all sorts of techniques and challenges with dog behaviour, basic puppy training, Trick training, mental stimulation, lead and recall plus lots lots more! 

I started my journey into training when I purchased my first dog in 2007, I unfortunately lost her in 2019 but not without a huge learning curve along the way, she showed me all there is to know about raising a four legged beast, from puppy training to reactivity she gave me everything! The one thing that my years have taught me so far if that a lot of dogs problems are in fact us not understanding or knowing what to do and therefore sometimes making a problem worse or not even thinking there is a problem in the first place. The more I got more dogs myself and met different people It made me want to learn more, understand behaviour patterns and want to teach more and more, since then I have no gone on to have 3 diplomas , two kennel club assessments, and tones and tones of on hand practice both working with Police dogs and Rescues to all of my current pack of 4!  I have received lovely response from happy customers over the past few years and will continue to develop my skill further and further.

So if its basic puppy training to serious behavioural problems I can endeavour to help you out the best way I can.

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